The Best Home Inspection Companies Use The Latest Technology

Home Inspections and the Evolution of Technology


Home inspections have always been a critical part of the home-buying process, providing buyers with insights into the condition of the property they’re potentially buying. All home inspectors still use some basic tools from the past, like ladders and flashlights. However, like many aspects of life, home inspections and the home inspection business have evolved significantly. In today’s market, the best home inspectors are educated on the latest building practices, use the latest technology, and are more efficient than ever without compromising. This article will explore the key differences between home inspections conducted two decades ago and those performed in today’s real estate market, including what we use here at HouseCo Home Inspection Services.

Technological Advancements

Infrared Camera

Twenty years ago, home inspections relied heavily on manual processes and basic tools such as flashlights, ladders, and maybe a simple moisture meter. Today, inspectors have access to various advanced technologies that enable them to perform more thorough and accurate inspections. Tools such as thermal imaging cameras, drones for roof inspections, moisture detection devices, and even specialized software for reporting have revolutionized the industry, allowing inspectors to uncover issues that may have gone unnoticed in the past.

For instance, in this example, the first photo shows an area of the ceiling that looked fine to the naked eye. However, signs of possible moisture in the drywall were observed when a thermal infrared camera scan was performed at the same location. With the precision of a moisture meter, it was confirmed that a high moisture level in the drywall needed attention.

DroneRoof View

At HouseCo, we make every attempt to climb on and walk on the roof surfaces during an inspection. But there are times when it is just not safe to do so. One of the best technologies that has changed the home inspection industry is the use of aerial drones. These are used on roof inspections of unsafe, dangerous, and/or unwalkable roofs. Our drones allow us to take high-resolution photos and videos of the roof and document any issues.

Regulation and Certification


While home inspections have always been important, the standards and regulations surrounding them have significantly improved. Twenty years ago, the home inspection industry was less regulated. Today, most states require licensing and continued education requirements for home inspectors to ensure their competence. Professional organizations like the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) provide further training and certification opportunities, elevating the overall standard of the profession. At HouseCo, we are certified through InterNACHI. Click here to view our certification.


Google Reviews

The advancement of the internet has offered endless possibilities for home inspection companies to market to their audience. Twenty years ago, word of mouth was the only way to gain new customers. Nowadays, with online reviews and social media, home inspectors can reach a much broader audience with a single message. They also get helpful feedback from past clients through online reviews via Google, Facebook, Trust Index, Angie’s List, and many other platforms. Hear at HouseCo, we proudly have over 190 5-star reviews. Click here to check out our reviews!

Communication and Reporting


Advancements in communication technology have also had a significant impact on home inspections. Twenty years ago, inspection reports were typically handwritten documents or basic typed reports, which could be challenging to decipher for the average homebuyer. For many home inspectors, it would sometimes take home inspectors 2-3 days to complete and deliver a report. Today, inspectors use specialized software to generate detailed digital reports completed on cell phones or tablets with photos, videos, and annotations. Furthermore, many inspectors now offer additional services such as virtual walkthroughs, allowing buyers to participate remotely in the inspection process and ask questions in real-time. Click here for an example of HouseCo Home Inspection Services’ software.


The evolution of home inspections over the past two decades reflects broader trends in technology, regulation, and consumer expectations. Today’s home inspectors benefit from advanced tools and training, enabling them to provide more thorough and accurate assessments of properties efficiently, with reports delivered digitally to the client in 24 hours or less. Buyers are better informed when making one of their life’s most significant financial decisions. As the housing market continues to evolve, home inspections will remain a vital step in the home-buying process, adapting to meet buyers’ and sellers’ changing needs and expectations.

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